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**59th Trans Europe Halles meeting** - 5-8th May 2005. 

**Buenaventura, Castelfranco Veneto, Italy.**

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 <center> "PRESS FOLDER": </center>

<a href="PresentazioneInItaliano"> <img src="bandiera_italiana.gif"/></a>Vai alle pagine di [presentazione in italiano]

 <center> Per giornalisti: vai alla "CARTELLA STAMPA": - Ufficio Stampa **320 5681296**</center>

 <a href= "TEH-locandina.jpg">Locandina completa eventi in italiano (2Mb)</a>



*Welcome in the Buenaventura-TEH Meeting website*

These wiki web pages are **written for TEH-delegates** that will attend the 59th "Trans Europe Halles": meeting at "Buenaventura": , Castelfranco Veneto, Italy, on 5-8th May. 
Here we'll keep you informed with updated informations about the meeting at Buenaventura.

Here you have the last updated final programme (5-5-2005): <a href="Final programm v2.doc">Final programm v2.doc</a>

Well... **the meeting is over**, but we'll keep these pages as working materials for buenaventura's future development, and for memory, too.  If you want to see some pictures go to "":
The meeting TEH-Buenaventura was a great success. [Here the letter of the president Paul Bogen] and [many thanks from all of you].

There is a wiki web site all dedicated to the [Working Groups], with archives of all five topics mailing lists.

You can also get a copy of the [Official Invitation] that was sent in february, or all documents sent in the [Snail mail invitation] sent on April 15th.

Take a look at the "events calendar":</center>

some more info...

[How to get to Castelfranco] *(the ultimate guide)*

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<img src="castelfranco_su_mappa_veneto.jpg" />

About [Castelfranco Veneto] and Italy in general

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[About us]: A picture of most of the people working with the preparations of the meeting, and something about us...

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