Borsa di dottorato Democrazia e Diritti Umani (Altro)

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The Department of Social Sciences at the University of Gothenburg announces a doctoral position in democracy and human rights, to be located at one of the faculty’s departments (

We live in an era when issues of democracy and human rights are important central themes. Large parts of the research and education conducted within the Department of Social Sciences cover these topics. The faculty is able to offer both broad and specialised experience in relation to various subjects such as the environment and sustainable development, migration, freedom of speech, globalisation, democracy, human rights, gender, disability, child perspectives, etc.

We are looking for candidates who are interested in contributing to the development of research within one of the faculty’s third-cycle study programmes, with a project that aims to “...strengthen fundamental democratic values in thought, opinion, expression and religious freedom”. The research can therefore be centred on a wide variety of different fields, such as history of ideas, freedom of the press, publishing-related issues such as the organisation and freedoms of the media, publisher’s responsibility, ethics, opinion building and minority issues.

The position is to be funded partly through the disposition of assets in Göteborgs Handelskompani’s bankruptcy estate. The disposal of this estate is managed by two trustees. The trustees, in their capacity as representatives of the amassed capital in Göteborgs Handelskompanis Deposition (Handelskompaniet, have entered into an agreement with the University of Gothenburg to allow a portion of the return on said capital to go to research.

See information regarding the doctoral study programmes conducted at the Faculty of Social Sciences’ departments:

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