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Call for Applications =96 Four Junior Fellowships
Maimonides Centre for Advanced Studies =96 Jewish Scepticism, University =
of Hamburg

The application deadline for the fall 2015 semester fellowship is June 30=
, 2015.

The application deadline for the spring 2016 semester fellowship is Decem=
ber 31, 2015.

The Maimonides Centre for Advanced Studies =96 Jewish Scepticism (MCAS-JS=
) offers four Junior=20
Fellowships, i.e. two for PhD candidates and two for Post-Docs, in each c=
ase for a period of six=20
months, either during the fall or spring semester 2015-16. In well-founde=
d cases according to an=20
evaluation of the fellow=92s results achieved so far an extension of the =
period of six months up to one=20
year is negotiable. The award supports original research on (Jewish) scep=
ticism in Ancient Times at=20
the MCAS-JS. In this context, scepticism is understood as enquiry into (s=
ecular and sacred) belief=20
and knowledge, the expression of doubts toward any kind of authority =96 =
raising the question of the=20
criterion of truth (including implicit and explicit sceptical paradoxes) =
=96 and the purposefully evoked=20
suspension of judgement to avoid dogmatism. Applications are welcome from=
young scholars in=20
any field who are in the final stage of their thesis or Post-Doc research=
project. Fellowships carry a=20
stipend of =801,400 for PhD candidates respectively =801,700 for Post-Doc=

Responsibilities of Junior Fellows:

o=09Conduct original research at the MCAS-JS on a full-time basis; Fellow=
s are required to spend=20
a minimum of three days per week in residence.
o=09Deliver at least one workshop at the MCAS-JS based on the research co=
o=09Participate actively in the scholarly community at the MCAS-JS.
o=09Acknowledge MCAS-JS in all publications resulting from the fellowship=
o=09Submit a detailed report upon completion of the fellowship describing=
the experience as a=20
MCAS-JS Fellow.


o=09Open to all scholars who are in the final stage of their PhD or Post-=
Doc project.
o=09It is the responsibility of the applicant to have the appropriate vis=
a for acceptance of the=20
stipend for the duration of the award.=20

Applications should include:

1.=09Cover letter stating area of interest, knowledge of relevant languag=
es, and how the project=20
relates to the agenda of MCAS-JS, and preferred fellowship start date.
2.=09Curriculum Vitae, including contact information, education, publicat=
ions, scholarly activities,=20
teaching experience, and any other relevant work experience, as well as a=
transcript of records=20
(PhD candidates) respectively PhD diploma (Post-Docs).
3.=09Research proposal of no more than three double-spaced pages, includi=
ng clearly stated goals=20
for research during the period of the fellowship.
4.=09A one-page bibliography of important secondary sources for the proje=
5.=09Two letters of recommendation, which address the significance of the=
candidate=92s work for his=20
or her field as well as the candidate=92s ability to fulfill the proposed=
research project. Letters of=20
recommendation should be submitted directly by the referees to the addres=
s below; please list the=20
names and email addresses of the referees in your CV. Applicants are resp=
onsible for ensuring that=20
letters of recommendation are submitted by the deadline.
6.=09Please submit application, point 1-4, by email as one continuous PDF=

Application schedule:

o=09Applications for the fall 2015 semester are due June 30, 2015; applic=
ations for the spring=20
2016 fellowship are due December 31, 2015. For consideration all applica=
tion materials, including=20
the letter of recommendation, must be received by the deadline.
o=09Announcement of grant recipients: August 2015 for the fall semester; =
February 2015 for the=20
spring semester.
o=09Commencement of grant period: October for the fall semester; April fo=
r the spring semester.

Applications are to be submitted to:
Dr. Bill Rebiger
Maimonides Centre for Advanced Studies
- Jewish Scepticism
University of Hamburg
Rothenbaumchaussee 34
20148 Hamburg
Phone: +49 40 428 38 8997
Email: bill.rebiger@uni-hamburg.de=20=20

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