vacanza- lavoro alternativa in Irlanda? (Altro)

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WWOOF Ireland is a voluntary, educational exchange based on trust. By becoming members, volunteers from all over the world can arrange placements with host farms in Ireland (including Northern Ireland) to learn about organic growing and sustainable lifestyles. WWOOF Ireland is a member of Volunteer Ireland.
The aims of WWOOF

To enable people to learn about organic growing techniques.
To enable people to learn about sustainable living, healthier life styles and alternative ways of life.
To provide opportunities to learn about life and culture by living with families in countries around the world.
To give practical assistance to producers of organic food.
To give people a chance to meet, talk, learn and exchange views with others in the organic movement.

WWOOFing in Ireland

WWOOF hosts in Ireland follow organic principles and have a general ethic of respect for the environment. Many have simple, sustainable lifestyles and practise Permaculture, Bio-dynamic or other organic methods. They may be individuals, families, commercial producers, co-operatives or communities including centres for yoga, crafts, arts or spiritual pursuits sharing the WWOOF ethos.

Information and application

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