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The Department of Political Science of the Technical University of Dresden (Germany) invites applications for up to 12 research positions at in the newly founded “Mercator Forum Migration and Democracy” (MIDEM) starting October 1, 2017. Included are
• 3-year Postdoctoral Fellowships (Salary Scale TV-L 13 with up to 100% of the regular weekly working hours)
• 3-year Doctoral Fellowships (Salary Scale TV-L 13 with 50% of regular weekly working hours)
The Mercator Forum Migration and Democracy (MIDEM) is a project of the Technical University Dresden in cooperation with the University of Duisburg-Essen, sponsored by the Mercator Foundation. It is headed by Professor Hans Vorländer (TU Dresden).

The Mercator Forum Migration and Democracy (MIDEM) aims at producing innovative and impactful research on how migration shapes and is shaped by democratic policies, institutions and cultures. It aims at providing evidence and analysis on migration to policy-makers and to the wider public. Moreover, MIDEM places great value on sharing its research results in multiple ways including the transfer of knowledge with public and private agencies providing citizenship education and information.

MIDEM is organized in four research groups: (1) crisis discourse on migration and integration, (2) populism, (3) institutional and political processing of migration, (4) migration in the process of urban and regional contexts. All research groups are located at the University of Dresden, with the exception of research group 3, which is part of the University of Duisburg-Essen.

Adequate (at least passive) knowledge of German is expected.

Further information can be found here (full CfA in German):

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