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We are looking for European Volunteers From March 2018 (under 29)

EVS PROJECT SUMMARY BACKGROUND AND OBJECTIVES: The Haven’s EVS project aims to support cross-cultural understanding, improve the skillset of EVS candidates, and to provide additional support and activities in refuge to women and children who have been subjected to domestic abuse and homelessness in Wolverhampton.
Working in refuge: Volunteers will learn how to provide high quality practical and emotional support to survivors of domestic violence and their children living in our refuges. This will enhance their listening and interpersonal skills and fundamental values such as solidarity and social cohesion. Also, they will support with the smooth running of the refuge, including the admission of survivors of domestic violence to the refuge and support development plans for each resident among others. Volunteers will gain work experience addressing the needs of victims of Domestic Violence and key organisational skills.
Volunteers will also carry out different activities within the refuges to make the stay in refuge of our service users more enjoyable and help them to gain new skills and boost their self-esteem (e.g. dance lessons, Arts and Craft, cooking demos, Beauty, Holistic Therapies). Through them, we aim to promote the active citizenship of the volunteers and boost their creativity and initiative as well as promote cultural, linguistic and experience exchanges.
Working with Children involves planning therapeutic play sessions with children in refuge in order to increase children’s self-esteem, security and sense of belonging. Volunteers will organise games, performances and help vulnerable children to have a happy stay while in refuge by improving their wellbeing.
Working within the Community and Advocacy Team: Volunteers will get a better understanding of legislation relating to domestic violence including civil/criminal legislation and welfare rights. They will accompany women to meetings and different appointments (e.g. drop in sessions with IDVAs, solicitors, court hearings). This will be an excellent opportunity for networking and to see how The Haven works in collaboration with other local and international organisations.
Working on The Helpline aims to improve their languages skills and assertiveness. They will learn how to offer confidential support and information to both women affected by domestic violence and family or relatives seeking to support victims as well as professionals supporting women in the community. Volunteers can also support as interpreters for non-English-speaking callers/ clients. Volunteers will be based on the helpline 6 months after their arrival, only once they feel confident to answer phone calls.
Please send your CV and motivation letter to

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