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The EVS volunteer 1 will work in two homes in ‘s-Hertogenbosch, de Hooghe Clock and Het hof van Hintham. He or she will try together with experienced volunteers to improve physical activity for their “clients” (patients). This can be sports in general but also activities at the table such as ball games at the table and the “tovertafel” https://tovertafel.nl/zorginnovatie-dementie/. Moreover, improving experiences through listening music is important. A volunteer who plays for example guitar is most welcome. The EVS volunteer will help to organize creative activities as well. This is to improve the domestic feeling and have extra attention for the clients.
EVS volunteer 2 Here the focus will be to further develop develop the animal grazing (child farm) and develop a butterfly garden together with experienced volunteer. Furthermore, it will be the same activities as with EVS volunteer 1.
During the project the activities can be extended according the talents of the EVS volunteers.EVS volunteer 1: Open-minded, social, and creative youngsters who like to help people to feel at home. Like to organize and plan events.
EVS volunteer 2: Open-minded, social, and creative youngsters who like to work outside, like animals and like to help people as well to feel at home. Like to organize and plan events.

Please email: evs.vivent@telfort.nl the following:
– full CV in English with a pass- photo
– full motivation letterin English which is specific to the project

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