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The Class of Language Education (Graduate School Language & Literature, Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität Munich) welcomes applications for an attractive scholarship (Graduate School Scholarship Program of the German Academic Exchange Service), specifically available for non-German applicants for up to four years and beginning in winter semester 2024/25.
Application deadline: May 1, 2024
The Class offers a research-oriented and integrated curriculum, open to doctoral candidates from all subject didactics within the Faculty of Language and Literature at LMU Munich. Professors from German and English didactics, as well as didactics of Romance and Classical Languages, represent a broad spectrum of theoretical positions, research methodologies, and different practical approaches.
The interdisciplinary course offerings focus on processes and outcomes of teaching and learning languages, literature, and culture in first, second, and foreign language contexts within and outside of schools. Possible doctoral projects can address historical, theoretical, or empirical questions in language, literature, or media didactics, as well as research on the teaching profession.
Furthermore, doctoral candidates in the Class of Language Education benefit from intensive and individual supervision of their research projects, an interesting guest programme, the provision of key qualifications, as well as various opportunities for professional exchange and financial support for research and conference trips. The members of the Class of Language Education also have excellent opportunities for interdisciplinary cooperation with doctoral candidates from the Class of Language, the Class of Literature, or the Class of Culture and History, which are also embedded within the Graduate School Language & Literature Munich.
Applicants are expected to have an above-average university degree (Staatsexamen, state board examination, Magister Artium, diploma, Master of Arts, Maîtrise, Laurea, etc.) in one of the following (didactic) disciplines: English studies, American studies, German studies, Romance studies, classical philology, or language teaching research. Additionally, sufficient knowledge in at least two European languages of scholarship, including German, is required to participate in the programme. Teamwork skills and the willingness to actively contribute to the Class of Language Education are expected.
For further information please refer to:
• About the Class:
• About the electronic application process:
• About the GSSP-Scholarship:

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