Looking for job in Middle East (Insegnamento Lingua Italiana)

Inviato da samir, domenica, novembre 07, 2004, 14:52 (6973 giorni fa)


my name is Andrea. I'm an Italian student writing his final University diploma about the russian school of arabistic. I've studied Russian three years (i tak chut' chut' govorju po-russki) and Arabic four years.
I'm working as waiter but after finishing University as soon as possible (in sha' Allah) I'd like to go somewhere to one of the following Arabic countries to go deeper into the language (Syria, Lebanon, UE, Kuweit, Jordan)
I'm looking for something interesting to do (teacher of Italian, babysitter, au-pair help at home, waiter).

Waiting for your news and proposals, I wish everybody

Good luck ... God willing,


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